Hi, I’m Inna.

Mr Merf is my pet project.

I am a SW engineer and I have worked for a couple of years now in this area, programming applications in C and C++ for embedded systems, but never have I had the chance to built a system from scratch and complete all it’s parts by myself.

I started it as a learning exercise to get myself familiarised with some core technologies used in the industry.  The purpose of this project is to learn hands-on, as they say, the key concepts of Real Time Embedded programming and to have some fun doing it.

I wanted to get a deeper understanding of RT tools such as timers, interrupts, GPIO and more. To do this I decided to build this robot – the Mechano-Electrical Robot Friend, aka, Mr. Merf. In this website I document the progress of my work and explain some parts of it.

If you would like me to explain some part in more detail, please contact me or leave a comment. I hope to get all your questions answered.


Have a nice one, and don’t bump into stuff!